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You know, I realize that learning how to tie a tie is sometimes a bit difficult if you just follow diagrams and written instructions. In fact, when I learned how to tie a tie it was from my dad standing right next to me and I could watch and ask him every step along the way.

Sure enough, getting the knot right by following someone who already knew how to do it was way easier than figuring it all out on my own and getting all strangled up in the process. Thinking about how I could bring that same enriching experience to you, it suddenly hit me: downloadable video!

If you were to imagine what it would be like if you virtually had me as your personal one-on-one tie knot coach, could you see yourself learning how to tie a tie a lot faster?

Because watching the videos will completely take the guesswork out of just following the static diagrams. Just as watching my dad in person took all the guesswork out of tying ties for me.

All videos on the Windsor, Half Windsor, Four in Hand and Pratt Knot are available for instant and permanent download. You get to keep them for life. They all contain a short introduction on the respective knot, a computer animation of the individual steps to follow and then me teaching you for real.

So what u waiting for??? Get downloading now, and TIE YOUR WAY INTO SUCCESS!!

Format : AVI
File size : 74 MiB
PlayTime : 14mn 25sc
Resolution : 320 x 240